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Finance on a Mission Research

This year, for the sixth consecutive year, the Dutch finance leader community ‘Finance on a Mission’ are conducting research into the ongoing Finance Transformation. In previous years, the research has given the Finance Community a lot of insight into the state of that transformation. Which technology was embraced by organizations at what pace? How was the impact of Covid on the transformation and role of Finance? How do Finance and other disciplines of the organization look at the role of Finance? 

These were questions that the research paper, which came about as a result of our survey and discussions, provided insight into. The various research papers have led to various articles and insights that served as inspiration for various settings and organizations. In recent years, the number of quantitative and qualitative respondents to the survey has grown steadily to around 250! 

Focus of the research for 2022 

In 2022, we have the ambition to combine research into the Finance transformation in the Netherlands with research into the Finance transformation in other European countries. We carry out the research that focuses on the Netherlands in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Deloitte and Fitch. The research that focuses on Europe takes place with the partners University of Amsterdam, University of St. Gallen, the international CFO Alliance, the CFO Automation Experience and UiPath. 

This year we are also looking in particular at the state of affairs regarding "self servicing" and ESG. 


Research can't be done without the community 

FoaM called on the Finance Community to help gain insight into the Finance Transformation. At the round table on October 27 the first insights were discussed with the following speakers:


Based on that insight, we will organize a joint round table to discuss the outcome. Register below to attend or to get your free copy of the report.

Image by Arlington Research
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