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Automating retail: beyond the robotic cashier

A robot at the cashiers desk or at the information counter - what can robotic process automation mean to the retail sector?
Automating retail: beyond the robotic cashier

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About the Round Table

Retail has been one of the most prominent and growth oriented sectors, especially in the emerging markets in the recent past.

Along with adopting innovative practices to attract and engage more customers, the players in retail industry have been using newer technologies to smoothen their processes and to gain a growth momentum to counter various challenges.

However, these technological advancements have called for swifter actions, error reductions and smoother workflow.  That's why retail companies are looking now beyond the human capabilities to manage the processes involved with bringing a product from the stage of production to the retail shelf for selling more accurately and productively .

In this round table we will therefore talk about how retailers are using robotic process automation (RPA) to achieve the above while accelerating their digital transformation in finance and beyond.


Armand Angeli

Chairman of RPA, Intelligent Automation, Shared Services, and Outsourcing DFCG, the French Centre of CFOs

Xavier Baraton

Chief Accounting and Administrative Officer, Carrefour France

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